Monday, January 13, 2014

A different kind of creative

I enjoy allowing my creative side to take over. The only down side is, if I spend all day doing things that are widely considered creative, I will not get everything done that needs to be. I would just spend all day playing with paint and producing stuff and not get any thing else done like, cleaning, or brushing my teeth, or getting dressed. I have learned that the idea of creativity can be more broadly applied to things. Creative is another form of the word create. By breaking down the word to just the world create, being creative can mean much more than just the crafty notation that is normally associated with it. Basically the word can be applied to any activity that is productive or positive or constructive in any way.

By writing here I am being creative. By working on my finances I am being creative. By doing anything proactive really I am being creative. Exercise is creative, play with the kid is creative. Thinking this way means that anyone who does anything is being creative. I don't have to feel bad about a day that I haven't made art. Simply doing something I am exercising my ability to be creative. No one should ever think that they are not creative. You thought about it, and did something about that that thought, you are creative. So you sit in a cubicle every day, but you acted, you did work, earned money, made choices in your live; you have been creative.

When I have spent my entire day doing things that I don't necessarily feel proud of, all I have to do is remember that it was creative. It may not have been my best display of creative practices, but I was still creative. Nothing can take that away from me.

Today I was creative.

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