I have been making art for years after graduating from Arizona State with an art degree, I didn’t know what direction to go with my life and ended up just going back working in a cubicle and making art as gifts for friends and family on special occasions. When we relocated to Washington and I no longer had a job my husband encouraged me to go for it. I had been making art for myself why not try to share it with the world.

My art has always been about trying to tell a story. I am kind of a book nerd, interested in the art of the thrift store find. I grew up under the idea that there is no such thing as waste.  My parents had a phrase pinned up on the fridge “Fix it up, Wear it out,  Make it do, or Do without.”  This part of where my love of thrift store art came from. Since I love story telling I try to tell stories with these pieces I find. The fun is turning the original narrative on its head with what I have added to the piece.

My Boy is my inspiration most times. He is pretty much attached to me at all times. So when I am considering what to do for my next piece I look at him and think what I would like to make for him. Is there are story that I would like to tell him? Can I show him a story that will help ignite his own imagination and creativity throughout his life?
For me it is all about the story.

What stories will line your walls with?

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