Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'll Pencil that in

I love lists and schedules. They keep me in line, help me get things done. If I didn't have these things around me all of the time, reminding me of what needs to get done, nothing would. Without these reminders I would probably spend the majority of my time watching reruns, and binge eating gummy worms. I make a point of completing my lists each week no matter what may come up. This is where the holidays come in.

The holidays can mess us all up. We all have a tendency to fall off the horse when the holidays come around. I can be the most devoted person to working out, and dieting but when the holidays hit I run out of time to go running, and add that extra piece of pie to my diet. Then by the time we get to January I have gained weight and gotten so out of my routine that I have to kick my own butt to get the ball rolling again.

I have developed a series of solutions. Through out the majority of the year I try to split up my work to always fall on specific days of the week, I give myself some freedom to accommodate the holidays. I don't have to write on the same day I would normally, I just have to make time to write at some point during the week. Even if all of my work ends up being at 11 pm on Saturday, I will at least put some time into it.

My other strategy to making things work during this time of year is the amount of work I am doing. I don't have to go to the gym for a whole hour, I can do 10-15 minutes just so that I am keeping consistent and it will not be such a chore to start up again, because I don't have to start up again, I just decrease the amount I do for the holidays then bring it back when they are over. By doing less, I don't stress out, and by not stopping I don't have to deal with finding motivation to start up again.

I don't ever just stop working. By always doing something towards my work even if it is writing just a couple of sentences here on the blog, rather than a whole entry, can be the difference between staying consistent, and never finding the motivation to start working again. Keeping up momentum is key to never falling to the wayside. You can coast through the holidays, peddling every once in a while. Then when the holidays are over you don't have to work as hard to get back up to speed since you never completely stopped.

Goals and holidays can be enjoyed at the same time. We don't have to choose we can enjoy both, all it takes is a little adaptation.

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