Thursday, October 9, 2014

New Priorities

My life has been changing. With a growing child I have had to change more often then I am used to. I have had to learn, to make sacrifices, and re-assess my priorities. It is interesting to see that as he learns and grows he needs more and more of me in his life.

I have had to decided what things are more important to me. Of late I have had to concede that he needs me more than my work does. This means to me that I will have to change how I do things. There will be less time for me to sell and share my work online. There will be less time to write. There will be less time to create.

The thing is that I care more about creating than I do any of these other things, so my conclusion has been that I will probably do little to nothing to sell, or share my work for the next while. I don't see the use of it when I get so little in return, and when my child is so much more important than anything I could gain from the work, that I may just give up the attempts to earn from it.

I will be going back to what I do best. To the things I care about the most. I will focus on my kid, and my work and nothing more. I may come back here every once in a while to give updates but I will not be as regular as I was.

This was a great experiment, but there are things that are more important for me to be doing now. Till next time, goodbye.

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