Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm not a salesman

I have weaknesses. Everyone does, but that should not be an excuse for me. I completely suck at selling myself. I don't like bothering people with advertising. I don't want to be a pain, and I don't want people to think less of my work because I have plastered it all over the place. I hate feeling like I am annoying or an inconvenience. I also don't like being social purely for the reasons of selling items.

I enjoy the process of creation more than I do the process of selling. As it is right now I have two completed pieces and a third one that I will finish soon. None of these pieces are not up for sale yet and I have been a little lazy about doing so. I also haven't been following my rules about how to keep up my social media presence.

All of this sales and social stuff is draining, and I don't feel like I get what I am looking for out of it. But I also realize that because I am not consistent about it that I will not get the results I want. I just keep dragging my feet. I make up excuses, and instead I waist my time doing things that are neither creative or actively selling my wares.

It is difficult trying to work on something that you are weak at. It is like trying out a new piece of gym equipment that works new muscles. Your body doesn't want to do the work because it hurts, and you aren't strong enough to do very well at it. But you find that the more you practice it the better you will get. The thing is that even though I am pretty good about consistency when it comes to working out, I am not very good being consistent on working on my social networking.

Some days, I wish I could find an easy way out. I imagine hiring someone to do all of the social stuff for me, so that all I have to do is be the creative hermit that I love to be. I imagine how much more fun for me that would be. The issue with that dream is, that unless I do the work to become successful enough to hire someone, I will never obtain that dream. I have to muddle through the hard stuff in order to move forward.

I have to remind myself all of the time, that I have to struggle doing the things that I hate, or are not good at, before I can see any results in my life. I may hate to eat my vegetables but there is really no other way that I am going to get healthy if I don't. The results I want don't come fore free, I have to do what needs to be done in order to get those results.

I hate to face the facts some days, like today, but I have to work in order to be successful, everyone does. There are always parts of life that are not going to be comfortable, but you just have to get through them or you are never going to get what you wanted out of life in the first place. Discomfort is what pushes us to be more than what we currently are.

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